DAT Preparation

The Dental Admissions Test (DAT) is an exam that all applicants must take in order to apply. Consisting of the Survey of Natural Sciences, including Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry, a Perceptual Ability Test (PAT), Reading Comprehension, and a Quantitative Reasoning section, this test can be daunting, but with proper preparation, you can succeed.

  • Taking the DAT! (Dental Admissions Test)
    • Register for a DENTPIN “Dental Personal Identification Number”
    • Apply to take the DAT
    • Pay the application fee ($445)
    • Register online for the location and time to take the DAT
  • Practice the PAT (Perceptual Ability Test) – Section of the DAT
    • Aperture section
    • Angle differentiation
    • Cubes
    • You can find videos on this online (DAT Bootcamp PAT section, DAT Mastery, YouTube)

We’ve gathered some resources to get you started in your preparation that we have found to be useful.

General DAT Information:

Dental Admission Test (DAT) 2017 Program Guide

American Dental Association DAT FAQs

DENTPIN Information

DAT Studying/Practice

DAT Sample Test Items

PAT Practice

PAT Practice with Answers

PAT Training Game (Indirect Practice)

PAT Strategy Help

Apps to Explore

Dental Admissions Test Mastery

Dental Admissions Test (Cram Cards, iPhone/iPad)


*The above resources are simply a guideline to help get you started.