FINAL MEETING – April 25th Meeting Recap

Hi Pre-Dents!

Thanks to all who made it to the last meeting tonight. Can’t believe this year is already coming to an end!
  • At the meeting Dr. Karl Self came and talked about oral health disparities, access to care, and team-based care. To see his PowerPoint Slides go to this page.
  • Another reminder do ORDER DONUTS! You can find the order form and other info about your yummy donuts on our facebook page—->
  • If you are looking for something to do this Friday, the pre-dental club is co-hosting an event with the BioChemistry Club. It’s a Brewing Seminar Friday 4/29 from 4:30-6 in Bruinincks Hall 312. If you are 21+, you can test test the beer! You can still come and learn about how to brew beer even if you aren’t 21.
  • As always, you can access our meeting minutes and presentation from the meeting here.

You all have contributed your time, energy, and enthusiasm into the club and have made this an awesome school year, and we are so excited for what is to come next year. Good luck on all of your finals, DATs, shadowing, and whatever else you are doing!

We also owe a huge thank you to the great leadership of our president, Eric Bender, and VP, Nick Stokfisz, as they tirelessly worked to continually improve this club.

Our next meeting will be held in September, so keep an eye out for an email from the new officers as fall approaches. In the meantime, stay posted via our Facebook group (University of Minnesota Pre-Dental Club) and follow us on Twitter (@predentumn) for periodic updates.

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