February 22nd Meeting Recap

Hello Pre-Dents!

As usual it was great seeing you at our meeting on Monday. There was a lot of information packed into the meeting so if you couldn’t make the meeting, here’s what you missed:

  • Myke from the EPPA Medical Scribe Program spoke about the opportunities available working as a medical scribe. If you’d like more information please fill out this form (no obligation – just for more info). Alternatively, visit our Meeting Minutes page to see his flyer / contact info.
  • Officers Eric and Nick provided information and resources regarding studying for the DAT, picking a dental school, and applying. Their notes can be seen both in the posted PowerPoint and Meeting Minutes. Find these resources on our website’s Meeting Minutes page.
  •  The meeting ended with a tour of the dental school given by a current dental student.
  • Our ‘Dinner w/ Dentists’ event is set in stone!  Save the date and add to your Google Calendar!
    • We need YOUR HELP in getting dentists to this event. Please send this document (filled in with names) to any dentists you know that might be willing to participate in our event. 🙂
  • Fellow Pre-Dent member Tom Coyne presented the club with this opportunity. Habitat for Humanity will be hosting a Spring Break trip to El Paso, TX, from March 13th – 20th. You will be building homes and working on home maintenance projects. If you are interested, you can e-mail Thomas Coyne at thomas.coyne@uofmhabitat.org.
  • Eric Bender was nice enough to share with everyone a compiled list of all the dental schools in a google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains information about each dental school like their requirements and prices. You can access it here. This list is current as of August 2013, and you will need to cross-reference the information.


The next Pre-Dental Club meeting will be held on Monday, March 28. Hope to see you all there!




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