October 19th Meeting Recap / Upcoming Events

Hi all,

As always, it was great seeing everyone at our meeting on Monday.

At the meeting, we had a Kaplan brand ambassador talk about what Kaplan has to offer for DAT test prep materials, a student talked about a new club called C.U.R.E.D, and a couple more students talked about a new club called Operation Smile. The majority of the meeting was dedicated to our Dental Student Panel. Club members got to ask the dental students many questions and hear their stories about getting into dental school and about being in dental school now. The info and contacts can be found in the meeting minutes here.

We also voted on t-shirt designs and narrowed the options down to two. Keep an eye out for an email within the next couple days to make your final vote on the t-shirts. In order to get a t-shirt, you must pay your membership fee. If you have not paid yet and would like a t-shirt, you can contact a pre-dental officer by emailing them or send us a message on Facebook.


The next Pre-Dental Club meeting will be held on Monday, November 16th, half of the next meeting will be an ice cream social, and the other half we will work through sample DAT problems. Hope to see you all there!




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