October, November, and December Meeting Recap

Hi Everyone!

A little late to post, but here are some recaps of previous meetings and some additional information you might find helpful.


If you missed October’s meeting we had a great panel of current Minnesota dental students answering questions about dental school and the journey to get there.



For November’s meeting we had Dr. Naty Lopez, the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Diversity at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, come to speak about how to be a competitive applicant for dental schools.  Meeting minutes and PowerPoint Presentation can be found here.



Also, thank you to all who came to our meeting/workshop on Monday, December 1st.  We reviewed how to sign up for your DENTPIN and how to fill out a competitive application.

Here are some of the links from the meeting:


The next Pre-Dental Club meeting will be held after break, we’ll keep you posted when we finalize a date.

Good luck on finals and Happy Holidays!



***Below are some messages and opportunities you may be interested in.

Hello UMN Predental students!

If you are interested in joining ASDA predental or are already a member, please click on the doodle link below and RSVP. We can help you register for ASDA Predental at the event on Dec. 4th.


There are also some additional benefits of joining ASDA!

  1. There are weekly lunch and learns in Moos Tower for ASDA members on Wednesdays at 12:05. Please let us know if you are interested in attending these lunch and learn events! There are speakers on various topics in dentistry, such as, how to set up your own practice, how to market your practice, new technology in dentistry, etc.
  2. Also, there are videos on the MN ASDA website with helpful tips on things like, how to write a personal statement.
  3. Tentatively planned ASDA events: 
    1. Presentation by a faculty member from admissions
    2. Impression Session
    3. Sealant session
    4. Condense and Carve amalgam

Please let us know if you have questions!

Katie and Mitch


Give Kids A Smile at the University of Minnesota Pediatric Clinic will be held on Saturday, February 7, 2015.

One thought on “October, November, and December Meeting Recap

  1. Hey UMN Pre-Dental Club!

    I’m Ben Frederick from edityour.net. Thanks for referencing our article on writing a personal statement for dental school. I hope it’s helpful for you.

    It was written by Kyle Smith aka @askaDDSstudent on Twitter. He’s going to be helping us add more dental school content to our website. Tweet @ him and let him know what kind of questions you want him to answer. Tell him @edityour sent you!


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