Last Post of Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Dear Pre-Dental student friends!

Thank you for a wonderful year and coming to the Pre-Dental Club meeting with all of your curious and inquisitive questions! I wish you the best luck in your future dental careers and good luck studying for finals!

Below are the results from tonight’s Elections for the New Executive Board:

Executive Board Members for Fall 2014-Spring 2015:

Congratulations to all of the new officers!
President – Petra Bachour
Vice President – Kimberly Hart
Public Relations – Becky Willfahrt
Secretary – Mary Youssef
Treasurer – Nicholas Stokfisz
WebMaster – Eric Bender 

Notes from Krista: Keep an eye our for emails from your new officers regarding next years meetings, opportunities, etc.
If you have any questions for our tour guide Kyle Smith feel free to email him at
Finally, on behalf of myself and the other officers from this year, it was a true pleasure serving you and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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